Caffeine is a crutch. We use it everyday to keep fighting on.

If your adrenal glands are fatigued, caffeine causes your adrenals to overwork to make more cortisol. Your adrenals will become weakened and less able to respond adequately.  So, we can all agree, consuming caffeine is not good for people afflicted with adrenal fatigue.  Let’s explore some more dangers of caffeine.  Here are 4 Problems with consuming too much caffeine:

  • Anxiety:  Anxiety is a key symptom of adrenal fatigue. Caffeine worsens the effects of anxiety.  WHY?  It is ether robbing you of proper sleep or triggering your flight or flight response.  Being robbed of sleep and put into flight or fight response will only deepen your issues with anxiety.
  • Increased Risk of Heart Attacks in Young Adults: A study conducted by Dr. Lucio Mos, of the European Society of Cardiology, found that young adults who were diagnosed with mild hypertension had four times the risk of having a heart attack if they consumed the amount of caffeine equivalent to four cups of coffee.
  • Cysts in Breast of Women: According to Louisiana State University, women who consumed 31 to 250 mg of caffeine per day had a 1.5-fold increase in the odds of fibrocystic breast disease.  Consuming 500 mg per day had a 2.3 -fold increase of developing cysts.
  • The more coffee you drink, the more you need! : Caffeine tricks your brain by attaching itself to the adenosine receptors, which can BLOCK the build-up of the “sleep” chemical known as adenosine.  Eventually your brain catches on, and you’ll feel MORE tired than usual if your stop drinking coffee.  That’s why the more coffee you drink, the more you have to drink throughout the day.

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